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What I Gained from the Nonprofit Learning Point Summit

The Nonprofit Learning Point Summit held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond on November 10, 2015 happened weeks ago, however, what I gained from the experience of attending it resonates even today. I catch myself thinking about the theme of that day–stories, tales, inspiration– and what the impact of the stories shared by the presenters had on me. Stories about personal and professional growth, collective struggle, and the ageless passion of the nonprofit sector to continue the uphill and often arduous effort to improve lives, systems, and services in our community.

Executive directors, vice presidents and CEOs stood before… Learn more

Great Online Resource: ICPSR

The ICPSR website is a great place to source a variety of information, reports, and tools for finding data to use for evaluation.

ICPSR is the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. It’s a global leader in data stewardship, providing a wealth of data resources and responsive educational opportunities. They store, curate, and provide access to scientific data so that others can use it. Learn more

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Evaluation 2014

I recently traveled to Denver, CO for Evaluation 2014, the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association.  It was an incredibly fun and informative trip, filled with networking, new techniques, and innovative resources.  Hurrah for continuous improvement!

Last year, I reflected on the event in the style of David Letterman’s top ten list.  I’ve decided to repeat that effort this year (albeit, a bit late for the after-party). Perhaps it will be a new tradition! Without further fanfare, I offer:

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Evaluation 2014

  1. Dude. It’s Denver. We’re a mile… Learn more

5 Things All Nonprofit Leaders Should Know about Logic Models by Ann Emery

A post from our special guest blogger, Ann Emery…

Logic models, log frames, and theories of change, oh my! No matter what you call them, logic models are crucial evaluation tools for all nonprofits.

Here are the top 5 things all nonprofit leaders should know about logic models:

1.  There’s no “right” design for a logic model. A simple Google search will return hundreds of examples of logic models…


… and that’s okay!

Logic models are pictures that show the connection between the work you’re doing and the changes you hope to see. For example, the work you’re… Learn more

The Cobbler’s Children…Well, You Know How It Goes

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” which is used to describe the phenomenon where professionals are so busy with work for their own customers or clients that they neglect using their skills to help themselves or those closest to them. I recently had an experience that reminded me of this adage and brought the concept home in a powerful way.

As a measurement professional, I’m often tasked with ensuring that my clients are asking themselves the right questions – tough questions – about their organizations, about their programs and services, and about themselves. I help… Learn more

More Great Online Resources – March Web Tools

This month, we want to highlight some of the great online resources available to those in the nonprofit sector. These tools and sites offer free and low-cost options for bringing your nonprofit into the online world.

1. Impact Rising This site is designed to help support social sector organizations and consultants by giving them access to the resources to engage in capacity-building projects. Here you’ll find things like organizational assessment tools, strategic planning resources & tools and fund development information.

It also seeks to make the norms and standards of the consulting industry explicit, so that social sector organizations know… Learn more

More Great Online Resources – Measurement & Surveys

If you’re seeking great online resources, we’re here to help! Today, we’re highlighting Logic Depot, SurveyMonkey, TwtPoll, TwitSprout, and Statigram. These tools focus on measurement and surveys for your organization.

1. Logic Depot was developed locally, in Richmond, Virginia, and focuses primarily on providing clients with a set of self-service survey tools. The web-based software is free to organizations that collect fewer than 2,500 surveys a month and it has great functionality.  Logic Depot also offers project consulting, survey coding services, and custom integration. If you’re interested in learning more, let us know and I’ll connect to our friend… Learn more

More Great Online Resources – Technology

If you’re looking for great online resources for your business or nonprofit organization, look no further!

This month, we’re highlighting SimpleBooklet, Product Donations (by Microsoft), Screencast-o-Matic,, and npCloud. These resources help you create compelling stories, share information, and better serve your communities.

1. helps your organization create a web and mobile version of your company’s brochure, flyer, annual report, or other printed marketing materials. You can easily create online booklets that can be shared and promoted to multiple destinations on the web. Because this resource is hosted in the cloud, any tweaking… Learn more

Customer Surveys Part 4: Question Complexity

Structuring questions appropriately is critical to collecting meaningful, interpretable information from customer surveys. In this last post of our blog series on creating effective customer feedback surveys, we will focus on tailoring the complexity of your survey questions.


The following questions demonstrate how alternative question wordings can allow you to target in on the specific information you want to gather.


How many times have you shopped in the Union Town Square during the past six months?


During the past six months, how many times have you shopped at the OhMySoap! store located at the Union Town Square?… Learn more

“Comprehensive data allowed management changes to be made more rapidly, leading to a leaner and more effective organization.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“They were able to determine a ROI figure to help define the value proposition of our program.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The assessment allowed me to deliver a monumental, sea-change, amount of information to the organization with data to back me up.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“Trina’s interviewing technique is a more effective way to uncover staff issues and ineffective procedures.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

"The third party review added credibility.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The project more than paid for itself in the short-term.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“I was spending 2-4 hours per week dealing with staff issues that have now been removed.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

“We never received a report better than this one.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

"The Knowledge Advisory Group exceeded our expectations. They provided a solid grasp on what we achieved, along with additional framework for designing and measuring future programs."    ~Virginia Community Capital

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