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Don’t Be Confused, Be Informed!

Don't Be Confused, Be Informed!

I often hear nonprofit and government employees become frustrated with the “language” of evaluation.  On occasion, I’ve even seen a promising evaluation effort go off the rails because the terminology was confusing. What’s an input? …An output? …An outcome?   If you’ve been seeking definitions that can

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What is Capacity Building and Why is it Needed?

Need to learn more about nonprofit capacity-building? This article from the National Council on Nonprofits provides a great overview and provides numerous links, should you wish to dig deeper. Read the article here.

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Making Your Strategy Work on the Frontline

By now, you know that I love to scour the blogs at Harvard Business for great information.  Here’s an example of why it is one of my go-to web spots.  This entry reminds us that strategy without execution is largely pointless, and those who execute must both

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Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Take Social Media for Granted

If you don’t have Mashable bookmarked, do it now. This site provides not only excellent tips and updates on technology, but more importantly links its technology content to business effectiveness. Check out the Business tab for great advice that is relevant to small business and nonprofits, as

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What Surprising Number Will Change Your Business?

This blog from the experts at Harvard Business makes a compelling point: Are the numbers you use to describe your organization or business prompting others to action?  Also included: tips on how to look at the numbers you have and reveal new information. Highly recommended! Read the

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