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puzzlepiecesIf you’re looking for smart online resources available to the nonprofit sector, look no further! This month, we’re highlighting Nonprofit Technology Magazine, Mobile Marketing Watch, MobileCause, Meetup, and Giving Library. These tools focus on how to best use technology for your nonprofit organization.

1. Nonprofit Technology Magazine is a monthly virtual publication. This free multimedia magazine can provide your organization with quality technological information supplied by some of the leading authorities in the nonprofit sector.

2. Mobile Marketing Watch blogs about anything and everything related to mobile technology and commerce. As more and more people access the internet from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it’s important for every organization to be mobile-web-savvy. If your nonprofit isn’t quite sure how to navigate this niche, subscribing to is a great place to start.

3. MobileCause is an online tool that makes it easy for donors to give on any electronic device. Created exclusively for the nonprofit sector, MobileCause has affordable pricing and is even great for group texting and/or mobile fundraising.

4. Meetup is a tool that makes it easier for your nonprofit to organize regional chapters, activities, and special events. It simplifies the steps needed to organize supporters online, and then meet in real time offline.

5. Giving Library is designed to help donors and supporters of nonprofits learn more about the organizations they endorse, or are considering endorsing, in an easy and accessible way. This portal displays informational videos created by nonprofits explaining their work, mission, accomplishments, and future goals. If your nonprofit is interested in applying find out more at

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