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4 Smart Tips for Hiring an Evaluator

You know that your organization needs an evaluator…but how do you go about it? Hiring the right evaluator can save your organization a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. For many organizations with limited internal capacity, an external evaluator can often produce more accurate, useful, and credible information in a time-efficient manner, as compared to information generated by a staff member without specific evaluation expertise. Learn more

Great Online Resource: ICPSR

The ICPSR website is a great place to source a variety of information, reports, and tools for finding data to use for evaluation.

ICPSR is the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. It’s a global leader in data stewardship, providing a wealth of data resources and responsive educational opportunities. They store, curate, and provide access to scientific data so that others can use it. Learn more

The Cobbler’s Children…Well, You Know How It Goes

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” which is used to describe the phenomenon where professionals are so busy with work for their own customers or clients that they neglect using their skills to help themselves or those closest to them. I recently had an experience that reminded me of this adage and brought the concept home in a powerful way.

As a measurement professional, I’m often tasked with ensuring that my clients are asking themselves the right questions – tough questions – about their organizations, about their programs and services, and about themselves. I help… Learn more

Set Your Destination for Eval Central

Just this week, I discovered a fantastic new resource for program evaluators, or anyone else who geeks out on real-world research like me. 

Eval Central is the place “Where Evaluation Blogs Intersect”, including great contributors such as the American Evaluation Association, EvalThoughts, and Evaluation Unsanctioned, as well as feeds from foundations and agencies around the globe.  I’m officially hooked and hope we will be adding our own For Good Measure blog to the site soon.

Don’t miss this resource for all things evaluation!

“Comprehensive data allowed management changes to be made more rapidly, leading to a leaner and more effective organization.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“They were able to determine a ROI figure to help define the value proposition of our program.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The assessment allowed me to deliver a monumental, sea-change, amount of information to the organization with data to back me up.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“Trina’s interviewing technique is a more effective way to uncover staff issues and ineffective procedures.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

"The third party review added credibility.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The project more than paid for itself in the short-term.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“I was spending 2-4 hours per week dealing with staff issues that have now been removed.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

“We never received a report better than this one.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

"The Knowledge Advisory Group exceeded our expectations. They provided a solid grasp on what we achieved, along with additional framework for designing and measuring future programs."    ~Virginia Community Capital

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