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More Great Online Resources – March Web Tools

This month, we want to highlight some of the great online resources available to those in the nonprofit sector. These tools and sites offer free and low-cost options for bringing your nonprofit into the online world.

1. Impact Rising This site is designed to help support social sector organizations and consultants by giving them access to the resources to engage in capacity-building projects. Here you’ll find things like organizational assessment tools, strategic planning resources & tools and fund development information.

It also seeks to make the norms and standards of the consulting industry explicit, so that social sector organizations know… Learn more

More Great Online Resources – Technology

If you’re looking for great online resources for your business or nonprofit organization, look no further!

This month, we’re highlighting SimpleBooklet, Product Donations (by Microsoft), Screencast-o-Matic,, and npCloud. These resources help you create compelling stories, share information, and better serve your communities.

1. helps your organization create a web and mobile version of your company’s brochure, flyer, annual report, or other printed marketing materials. You can easily create online booklets that can be shared and promoted to multiple destinations on the web. Because this resource is hosted in the cloud, any tweaking… Learn more

Customer Surveys Part 4: Question Complexity

Structuring questions appropriately is critical to collecting meaningful, interpretable information from customer surveys. In this last post of our blog series on creating effective customer feedback surveys, we will focus on tailoring the complexity of your survey questions.


The following questions demonstrate how alternative question wordings can allow you to target in on the specific information you want to gather.


How many times have you shopped in the Union Town Square during the past six months?


During the past six months, how many times have you shopped at the OhMySoap! store located at the Union Town Square?… Learn more

Customer Surveys Part 3: Question Specificity

Question specificity is an important part of crafting your customer survey. Vague questions may not elicit useful information. On the other hand, overly specific questions may not be relevant to all of your survey respondents. Finding the right balance of specificity can impact the usefulness of the information you gather.

Learn more

Customer Surveys Part 2: Closed vs. Open Questions

In Part 2 of our Customer Surveys series, we review the difference between closed-ended and open-ended survey questions.

Closed-ended questions are much quicker for survey respondents to interpret and answer because they offer a defined set of response options, or ask for a specific piece of information such as a number or date. On the other hand, open-ended questions are more subjective, allowing respondents to answer in their own narrative style. Open-ended questions are more time-consuming both to answer and to analyze, but can provide a varied array of information to explore.

An example of an open-ended… Learn more

Customer Surveys Part 1: Quantitative vs. Qualitative

When creating survey questions, it’s important to consider the value of both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

While quantitative questions generally elicit answers in terms of numbers, frequencies, percentages, or other types of calculations, qualitative questions are descriptive and typically assess attitudes or opinions.

– – –

Quantitative questions are helpful in gathering specific supporting data or evidence to address questions of frequency or magnitude, to justify recommendations, and to create summary reports.

An example of a quantitative question is as follows:

“How many times have you interacted with the ACME Window Company?”

– – –

Qualitative questions can provide rich… Learn more

Smart Online Resources – Web Tools for Nonprofits

If you’re looking for smart online resources available to the nonprofit sector, look no further! This month, we’re highlighting Nonprofit Technology Magazine, Mobile Marketing Watch, MobileCause, Meetup, and Giving Library. These tools focus on how to best use technology for your nonprofit organization.

1. Nonprofit Technology Magazine is a monthly virtual publication. This free multimedia magazine can provide your organization with quality technological information supplied by some of the leading authorities in the nonprofit sector.

2. Mobile Marketing Watch blogs about anything and everything related to mobile technology and commerce. As more and more people access the internet from… Learn more

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