Are you writing a grant and have questions about how to create the evaluation plan?

Are you trying to troubleshoot a data collection challenge?

Do you need tips on pivoting your program evaluation plan when the unexpected happens (e.g., COVID-19)?

The Evaluator Is In is a specialized coaching program for nonprofits that need help with program evaluation or outcomes in the form of a simple one-question-per-day format. This structure allows for expert advice on data collection and measurement in a digestible way.

Here’s a brief description of my program. Could you tell me which of these outcomes makes the most sense?”
What are a few of the first steps you would recommend for identifying our value to our association members?”
What do you think of this question for my client feedback survey?”
What are some good strategies for achieving participation at client focus groups?”
How can I improve this measurable goal for my grant proposal?”
I don’t know how to format data fields in Excel. Can you help me?”
Which of these data collection options would you recommend for me?”
Based on my circumstances, how much should I expect to pay an external evaluator?”
What is a good resource on how to write effective survey questions?”


Direct Access

Sign up by clicking the subscription button below and you’ll be sent an email with our private email address that you use to ask your questions.  

Quick Solutions

Next, you’ll schedule a brief call to clarify your goals and priorities to best appreciate where you’re headed, before we are ready to answer your first question.

Ongoing Support

From then on, you’ll be able to send us one question each day about measurement, program evaluation, surveys, outcomes, logic models, and much more.

*For every six months that you remain a member, you’ll receive a bonus 30-minute personal consultation session to review your goals and progress towards them.


The Evaluator Is In is the perfect program for any organization that needs support launching into program evaluation, data collection, or outcome measurement but doesn’t have the resources to devote an individual or team to perform these tasks on their own. Let our evaluation experts work for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about The Evaluator Is In Program or wish to determine if this is the right service for you, schedule time to talk with Trina our program evaluation expert.

Is the Evaluator Is In the right fit for you and your organization?

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“Trina is easy to work with. Her range of experience has been helpful in Judicial Branch planning. Her experience with the courts and related agencies of the justice system gives her credible insights in planning and change management discussions. Her experience outside the justice system is useful in translating societal concerns in a manner that court personnel can understand.” ~ Kenneth Pankey, Senior Planner at Supreme Court of Virginia

“Comprehensive data allowed management changes to be made more rapidly, leading to a leaner and more effective organization.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“Trina is one of the most dynamic and results-oriented consultants I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. When I talk with Trina’s clients, they cannot say enough about how she has helped them achieve their measurement goals.” ~ Marta Wilson, CEO of Transformation Systems, Inc. & Business Author