Nonprofits & Government Agencies

nonprofits and government agencies

We help you evaluate and improve your programs.  

  • Program Evaluation & Measurement Strategy
    Before you can evaluate your programs and prove your outcomes to stakeholders, you need to clarify what your organization is trying to achieve. This may seem like a simple task, but it can be much harder than it sounds. We help your organization hone those broad, sweeping missions, such as ending homelessness, into more actionable objectives, like increasing employment among this population. By making these adjustments in your goals and ultimately programs, they become not only more realistic for your organization to achieve but also more quantifiable to report back to your stakeholders.
  • Data collection
    Knowledge Advisory Group researches existing data collection tools to find measures that will track your progress. If the right tools aren’t readily available, we determine how to best answer your key questions and build surveys, interviews and focus groups to precisely meet your needs. Delivering both quantitative and qualitative insights, these tools can impact the funding you receive today and improve your programs down the road. If your organization has already spent the time to do research, we can collect supplemental data to give your information more meaning and value.
  • Reporting and analysis
    Data are just a bunch of numbers and facts unless they’re properly analyzed and put into a meaningful context for decision makers and stakeholders. In our program evaluation reports, we paint a picture of your client population and demonstrate if your nonprofit or government agency is achieving its key outcomes. However, KAG can also dig deeper to identify factors that may be impeding your success and make recommendations for how to maximize your impact.
  • Coaching
    While KAG can handle the data strategy, collection and reporting process for you, we can alternatively just create the strategy and then use side-by-side coaching to build your organization’s program evaluation capacity.
  • Teaching
    KAG also offers data and outcomes training in the classroom.


We assess your needs, helping you make decisions and establish priorities.

  • Organizational assessments
    Assessing your organization’s needs can be difficult when you’re mired in the day-to-day details. Not to mention, your staff may not be completely candid about what’s working and what’s not. We spend the time to understand your precise needs, formulate the right questions to address those needs and then build rapport with the people who can most effectively provide answers to those questions. In so doing, KAG can evaluate your organization and help you make the most informed decisions possible to set a course for continuous improvement.
  • Environmental scans
    Along with uncovering what’s going on internally, KAG also makes you aware of outside opportunities and threats that could impact the success of your organization. Building on research that is already available, we create and execute customized surveys and also conduct interviews of key informants and stakeholders in the industry. Together, this information gives you the perspective to move forward with confidence.


We provide facilitation services to help you resolve issues.

  • Research
    When you come to us with a problem or challenge that needs outside facilitation, we put our research skills to work to discover what other nonprofits and government agencies have done in similar situations. KAG then culls this list of already-proven solutions down to those that will work for you.
  • Discussion
    Assembling your key stakeholders for a series of open conversations can also be beneficial in solving your problem. Because the team at KAG places as much value on our relationships with the people around the table as the information they give us, discussion participants tend to be more forthcoming with information and opinions. This “meeting of the minds” can yield surprising insights and solutions.


We consult on your processes to improve your outcomes.

  • Optimization
    After we do research and analysis for your nonprofit or government agency, we may identify areas in your processes that need improvement. Using our research as the foundation for the recommendations we make, we help you optimize your processes to maximize benefits to your customers.
  • Documentation
    A process is only effective if it is consistently executed. KAG helps you iron out the steps in your process and document it clearly, so your process is handled consistently across your staff, including those you hire down the road.