Speaking Topics

Introduction to Outcomes Evaluation

Developing outcomes measurement and evaluation methods can profoundly impact nonprofit organizations in many ways including improving fundraising and reporting efforts. This workshop presents the basic concepts of evaluating program outcomes and provides useful tools.

Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Success: Defining & Measuring Outcomes

Participants will learn to ask and answer critical questions such as: What outcomes can I really achieve with my clients? How will I measure these? How will I know if the program is successful? Small group work is emphasized including practice developing outcome goals, indicators, and logic models.

Evaluation Tools for Program Success

Evaluation tools are essential in determining programmatic results and are instrumental in providing the hard data necessary to support future funding. Learn how to select, create and implement a variety of program evaluation tools, including surveys, structured interviews, focus groups, observations, checklists, case records, and program databases. Discussion will cover the purposes of each tool, advantages and limitations of each tool, key principles for creating simple but meaningful tools, common errors in creating evaluation tools, how to correct them, and how to use or refine existing tools for maximum benefit and the interpretation capacity of each tool.

Effective Use & Portrayal of Evaluation Results

Learn how to use your program results more effectively so that you can highlight particular programs, or areas of effectiveness, that can help you leverage additional support and assist in sustaining your programs. The focus is on creating effective presentations to portray evaluation findings for pertinent audiences, such as potential funders, community partners & the board. This information can be applied at multiple levels.

My Company Just Bought an Expensive Technology Solution and All I Got Was This Lousy Headache

Discover tips and topics that organizations should consider during the selection and adoption of new technology, including the connection between people, processes, and technology that are needed to create successful program evaluation systems. We’ll also review how to overcome the challenges that health and human service organizations face as they navigate technology decisions.

Taking the Mystery Out of Metrics

Learn the practical side of metrics, why they matter to your organization and provide some context to what those metrics actually mean. Participants will leave with a brief list of key metrics they can track, tips for creating a more metrics-driven organization and an understanding of basic evaluation tools for tracking those metrics.

Measuring Nonprofit Outcomes: Why You Should Do It, What You Should Measure, and How To Make It Happen

In today’s nonprofit climate, your organization is asked to demonstrate your value to funders, boards, donors, and partner agencies among others. They want to hear more about outcomes (that is, the results you create) and less about what you do. Learn about the benefits of outcomes measurement, addressing critical questions, identifying key outcomes for your program and a three-step plan for making evaluation a reality.

Winning the Grantsmanship Game: Outcomes and Evaluation

In today’s climate of nonprofit accountability, sound program evaluation is critical to fundraising success. In this workshop, participants learn how to create an evaluation plan, will understand why and how to measure outcomes, and discover the importance of reporting and dialogue with the funder.

Introduction to Logic Models: Charting a Course to Success

Learn what a logic model is and how it helps to visualize details, highlight the connection between a program’s purpose and the program’s results, and guides the organization to ensure it is measuring the right things to show success!

Building Your Nonprofit’s Evaluation Culture: Collecting Meaningful Data for Continuous Improvement

Cultivation of an improvement-oriented evaluation culture is a critical factor in developing sound nonprofit practices. Learn how it is the foundation for systematic and successful evaluation efforts and the elements to make it possible.

Are My Favorite Customers Satisfied, Or Just Waiting For Another Offer? Creating Surveys That Get Real Answers

How do you learn what your customers and prospects really want? By asking the right questions, a survey is often the perfect tool to collect the information you need in a simple and meaningful way.  This session explains key tenets of survey development and includes a customer satisfaction survey template.

Don’t Get Derailed by the Pandemic: Continuing Your Nonprofit’s Program Evaluation Strategy When the Unexpected Happens 

As the COVID-19 crisis reverberates, you may be concerned that your organization’s evaluation strategy just hit a brick wall. Join us to discuss why this is a critical time for prioritizing evaluation to ensure sustainability. We’ll also share practical tips on how you can keep moving forward in the midst of these unexpected conditions, such as how to address missing or incomplete evaluation data, adjusting your evaluation strategy when the program design has changed, and adapting methods for data collection and reporting to ensure that valuable information is not lost.

Designing New Programs and Services in Response to a Crisis

Participants will learn how to design an effective program to meet the challenging needs of the target population and the community. Topics covered will include building the framework of a new program, conducting a needs assessment and related background research, developing program methods, pilot testing, and using evaluation tools to make program improvements.

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