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Set Your Destination for Eval Central

Just this week, I discovered a fantastic new resource for program evaluators, or anyone else who geeks out on real-world research like me.  Eval Central is the place “Where Evaluation Blogs Intersect”, including great contributors such as the American Evaluation Association, EvalThoughts, and Evaluation Unsanctioned, as well

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More Great Online Resources – Measurement & Surveys

If you’re seeking great online resources, we’re here to help! Today, we’re highlighting Logic Depot, SurveyMonkey, TwtPoll, TwitSprout, and Statigram. These tools focus on measurement and surveys for your organization. 1. Logic Depot was developed locally, in Richmond, Virginia, and focuses primarily on providing clients with a

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Customer Surveys Part 2: Closed vs. Open Questions

In Part 2 of our Customer Surveys series, we review the difference between closed-ended and open-ended survey questions. Closed-ended questions are much quicker for survey respondents to interpret and answer because they offer a defined set of response options, or ask for a specific piece of information such

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