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Outcome Evaluation and Results Based Accountability

Everyone says that we need to measure our program outcomes…but HOW? And why has this become so important to funding organizations and the public? Can we manage this with everything else we have to do? In this course, participants will learn to ask and answer critical questions such as: What outcomes can I really achieve with my clients? How will I measure these? How will I know if the program is successful? Small group work is emphasized including practice developing outcome goals, indicators, and logic models. This course will also review the key tenets of the Results-Based Accountability and its association with outcomes measurement efforts.

Introduction to Outcomes Evaluation

Developing outcomes measurement and evaluation methods can profoundly impact nonprofit organizations in many ways including improving fundraising and reporting efforts. This workshop presents the basic concepts of evaluating program outcomes and provides useful tools.

Effective Use & Portrayal of Evaluation Results

This course is about using your program results more effectively, not just filling in the blanks for grant reports! Uses include highlighting particular programs or areas of effectiveness that can help you leverage additional support and assist in sustaining your programs. The focus is on creating effective presentations to portray evaluation findings for pertinent audiences, such as potential funders, community partners & the board. This information can be applied at multiple levels.

Evaluation Tools for Program Success

Evaluation tools are essential in determining programmatic results and are instrumental in providing the hard data necessary to support future funding. Learn how to select, create and implement a variety of program evaluation tools. This workshop provides an overview of the following tools: surveys, structured interviews, focus groups, observations, checklists, case records, and program databases. We will discuss the purposes of each tool, advantages and limitations of each tool, key principles for creating simple but meaningful tools, common errors in creating evaluation tools and how to correct them, how to use or refine existing tools for maximum benefit and the interpretation capacity of each tool.

Taking the Mystery Out of Metrics with Trina Willard

More and more, we hear about the importance of metrics, but what does that really mean? This workshop will provides a practical introduction to metrics, why they matter to your organization and provide some context to what those metrics actually mean. Participants will leave with a brief list of key metrics they can track, tips for creating a more metrics-driven organization and an understanding of basic evaluation tools for tracking those metrics.


Read what Organizations are saying about the Outcome Evaluation and Results Based Accountability Course:

  • Trina was fantastic!  She gave me better clarity to the Strategic Planning Process. Great tie in to the Strategic Planning!!!  Thanks again for all you do.
  • I was very pleased with the content of the course. It has given me a better understanding of how to determine outcomes and how to properly and effectively complete evaluations that can help sustain my program.
  • For any peers or colleagues that express concern in the area if outcomes and evaluations, I will definitely recommend this course.
  • The instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the content covered. She was great at answering our questions. Moreover I loved how she provided personal stories about how the information has been applicable to her. In addition, she provided the class with practical ways to implement the course material.
  • The instructor knew the content backwards and forwards. She knew just the right amount to share and the appropriate language to use so the class would understand.
  • She was excellent. I would definitely take more courses that were taught by her.

“Comprehensive data allowed management changes to be made more rapidly, leading to a leaner and more effective organization.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“They were able to determine a ROI figure to help define the value proposition of our program.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The assessment allowed me to deliver a monumental, sea-change, amount of information to the organization with data to back me up.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“Trina’s interviewing technique is a more effective way to uncover staff issues and ineffective procedures.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

"The third party review added credibility.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

“The project more than paid for itself in the short-term.” ~ American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

“I was spending 2-4 hours per week dealing with staff issues that have now been removed.” ~ Senior Connections, Area Agency on Aging

“We never received a report better than this one.” ~ Virginia Economic Development Partnership

"The Knowledge Advisory Group exceeded our expectations. They provided a solid grasp on what we achieved, along with additional framework for designing and measuring future programs."    ~Virginia Community Capital

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