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Research & Evaluation Services

Research & Evaluation Services

Get the right tools for the job​

Sometimes, the recipe for success involves facilitating a conversation with stakeholders, while other times a survey will do the trick. Whichever tool your program needs, we’re ready and excited to uncover surprising insights and solutions that can help wow-ify your program.

Problem-Focused Facilitation

Sometimes, the recipe for success lies with assembling your stakeholders. We love to include them in the conversation, opening up chances to find unexpected solutions with a “meeting of the minds.” We put as much value on our relationships with the people around the table as we do on the information they give us, leading to surprising insights and solutions that can help wow-ify your program.

Ways we collect data


Need a survey? We’ll craft the questions, establish a process, and analyze the findings. Soon, you’ll have all the data at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions with confidence.


Interviews are the perfect tool to collect in-depth information (especially if you want to include a personal touch). We’ll bring the right blend of art and science to the process so you can cultivate relationships while gaining mission-critical information.

Focus Groups

It’s not a party, but it’s pretty close. Our focus groups create an interactive setting, either in-person or online, to collect data from multiple people at the same time, providing you with helpful ideas and recommendations.

Problem Focused Facilitation

Assembling your key stakeholders can be the recipe for success. We place as much value on our relationships with the people around the table as we do on their information, opening up opportunities for open conversation and new opinions. This “meeting of the minds” can yield surprising insights and solutions which help refine your programs for greater impact.

Ways we use data for planning

Evaluability Assessment

You think you need an evaluation, but let’s make sure you’re ready first. We want to answer all of your most pressing questions before you get started: is it time to evaluate, what type of evaluation is best for my program, do I have the capacity to do it, and how much will it cost?

Environmental Scans

We help you pay attention to what’s going on beyond the scope of your program. We make sure that you’re on top of outside opportunities and threats that could help or hurt your organization. We compile information that gives you the perspective to move forward with confidence – including building on existing research, creating customized surveys, and conducting industry-specific interviews.

Organizational Assessments

Assessing your organization’s needs can be difficult when you’re focused on the day-to-day details. We spend the time to formulate the right questions to understand your needs and then build rapport with the people who can most effectively provide answers. This lets us evaluate your organization and help you make the informed decisions that build a path for continuous improvement and awesome impact.