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Impact De-coder™

Impact De-coder™

Our Impact De-Coder™ (also known as our logic model) is where the magic happens. With the right framework, it’s easy to evaluate, innovate, and communicate impact with Knowledge Advisory Group. Our logic model is the roadmap for evaluating your programs and connecting your goals to your results. We’ll help you find your program’s missing puzzle pieces and discover the path to grow your impact and multiply your success!

What we’re helping you decipher

Existing Conditions

Let’s figure out what’s missing in the community and how that connects to your mission. Existing conditions help create the most important building blocks for your program.

Program Components

Connecting your purpose to your results means defining what you’re actually doing. The activities that get you to your goals? Those are big pieces of your program’s puzzle.


We help you determine changes that you want to see now and what outcomes to evaluate for tomorrow, sort of like a domino effect of success for your organization.