Data geeks with people skills.

Program Revitalization

Program Revitalization ​

Reimagine success with data-informed ideas

Whether you’re a nonprofit or a government agency, it may be easy to keep doing things the same way, even if it’s not getting you the results you want. By exploring new tactics backed by data, a little tweaking can go a long way toward improving your program.

Let the data geeks help you by doing what they do best: open up big opportunities with what you need most (whether that’s a few small changes or a whole new design).

Our Process

Discover the gaps

What will help you reach the outcomes you’re striving for? Let’s figure out what’s missing and define the best way to move forward.

Transform your program

Fine-tune your strategies or rebuild your structure. It’s time for a plan that puts you on the path to a certifiable wow from start to finish.

Make an impact

Achieve your mission with a program that gets you the results you want (with the data to back it up).

How we help you enhance your programs

Background Research

When you come to us with a challenge that needs thorough investigation, we put our research skills to the test. We’ll dive deep into existing models then recommend specific strategies that will work best for your program and goals.

Program Design

Our Impact De-Coder isn’t just a program evaluation roadmap – it also helps to clarify your program’s structure. By connecting what you’re doing to your desired results, we help you make decisions about your activities, goals, and more.


After we do research and analysis for your program, sometimes we need to wow-ify your policies or procedures, too. Using what we’ve learned from our deep dive, it’s time to put you at the top of your game with targeted adjustments to your program activities.

Implementation Support

Ready to make your program a head turner? We’ve got you covered. Sometimes you need a boost to get things started, especially if data is not your jam. Whether you just need a little assist or someone by your side from start to finish we’re here to help.