Data geeks with people skills.

About Knowledge Advisory Group

About Knowledge Advisory Group​

We're data geeks with people skills.

Made up of program evaluators, project managers, management consultants and passionate go-getters, the team at Knowledge Advisory Group asks “why” a lot and believes anything is possible with the right information. With more than 50 years of collective data experience, we help you analyze your processes and reflect on your goals, and in so doing, find important opportunities for change and growth within your nonprofit, government agency or small business.

Our Values


We don’t stop until we get to the bottom of things.


We ask more questions than a game show host so we can understand your organization.


We’re psyched about helping the community.

Our team is naturally inquisitive. Data is in our DNA.

Trina B. Willard

Founder & Principal

Trina Willard has been providing program evaluation and measurement services to nonprofits and government agencies for more than two decades. Through this work, she has found that many local organizations simply don’t have the capacity or tools to capture the data that could optimize their operations and outcomes. That gap motivated her to launch Knowledge Advisory Group in 2010.

Sandra Wright, Ph.D.

Outcomes Strategist & Vice President of Customer Wow

For more than 15 years, Sandra Wright has worked as a research analyst on projects ranging from analyzing data about judicial sentencing practices to measuring consumer preferences for retail stores. Her chief objective is always to uncover precisely the right information needed by an organization to make strategic decisions that will improve their efficiency and effectiveness.