Nothing’s impossible for us.

When someone mentions the word “data,” do your palms get sweaty and does your heart start to race? The prospect of collecting and analyzing data may feel nearly impossible due to your lack of tools, resources and training.

Our hearts start to race when we hear about data, too. (But in a good way!) At Richmond, VA-based Knowledge Advisory Group, which serves the entire United States, we were the kids who loved asking “why,” solving puzzles and learning new things. As adults, we’re still inquisitive and love the process of discovery, but we’re now putting these qualities to use helping nonprofits, government agencies and small businesses like yours prove their impact and improve their outcomes.

At Knowledge Advisory Group, we turn what feels “impossible” into powerful insight for your nonprofit, government agency or small business.


Nonprofit Agencies

You need data to stay mission-focused and demonstrate accountability to funders and stakeholders. We help nonprofits identify and measure outcomes, conduct program evaluation analyses, improve awareness of their effective services, and support continuous program development and improvement. 

Governmental Agencies

Government Agencies

You need data to show effectiveness, efficiency and economical use of resources.

We help government agencies document processes, evaluate program results, plan services, build coalitions, develop professional capacity, collect meaningful data and share results with decision-makers.


Small Businesses

You need data to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction. We help small businesses learn what customers and employees need, like, and are willing to try through our customer feedback services, employee satisfaction surveys, and business process efficiency studies and strategies.

Evaluator Is InSM

This brand-new program is designed to give you one-on-one access to our experts on a daily basis. Our team will answer your questions on program evaluation and measurement for an affordable monthly rate.

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