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You realize that data is critical to the success of your organization or business. It can inform your decisions, improve your programs and operations, and help you better serve your clients. However, you may not always have the time, the manpower or the training to give data the priority it deserves.

At Knowledge Advisory Group, we help your nonprofit, government agency or small business identify the questions that will elicit the most beneficial information, allow you to attack the data process at your own pace and show you progress along the way. But perhaps most importantly, Knowledge Advisory Group helps you understand how seemingly impossible data tasks can give you the tools to serve your customers more effectively and make a bigger impact in the community.

Whether you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, improve the efficiency of a process or gauge customer satisfaction, Knowledge Advisory Group provides everything from the surveys and interviews to the research, analysis and reporting. We tailor our solutions to your organization or business so they address your needs, while also saving you time.


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“Our organization is required to regularly engage in evaluations and exams. For a recent independent evaluator’s report, we put Knowledge Advisory Group to the task. They exceeded our expectations. In addition to fulfilling our funder’s requirements, The Knowledge Advisory Group helped us unpack the value of our performance and impact measurement data. This provided a solid grasp on what we achieved, along with an additional framework for designing and measuring future programs.”

~Virginia Community Capital
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