Small Businesses

small businesses

We can build a simple data process for your business, which allows you to improve your customer relationships.

Because you have neither the time nor the expertise to make data a regular part of your operations, you may think of doing research and analysis only when things aren’t going well. To keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ satisfaction, Knowledge Advisory Group can provide you with a simple yet customized data process that’s easy to implement and just as easy to maintain.

  • Strategy
    To bring on new customers and increase your business with existing ones, you need to know more than just whether your customers are satisfied or not. KAG can determine the pointed questions you need to ask your customers to drive action within your business.
  • Data collection
    Your customers may provide you with anecdotal information about their experience with your company; however, that’s generally not enough to make decisions about how to improve your processes. KAG customizes surveys, interviews and focus groups to help you easily and effectively collect this important customer feedback.
  • Reporting and analysis
    The KAG team compiles the information we’ve collected from your customers, reporting back to you both the areas where you excel in your customers’ eyes and where you need improvement. We also develop recommendations to improve your customer interactions and processes as well as how you respond to competition.

We assess your needs, helping you make decisions and establish priorities.

  • Organizational assessments
    Assessing your business’s needs can be difficult when you’re mired in the day-to-day details. Not to mention, your staff may not be completely candid about what’s working and what’s not. We spend the time to understand your precise needs, formulate the right questions to address those needs and then build rapport with the people who can most effectively provide answers to those questions. In so doing, KAG can evaluate your business and help you make the most informed decisions possible to set a course for continuous improvement.
  • Environmental scans
    Along with uncovering what’s going on internally, KAG also makes you aware of outside opportunities and threats that could impact the success of your business. Building on research that is already available, we create and execute customized surveys and also conduct interviews of key informants and stakeholders in the industry. Together, this information gives you the perspective to move forward with confidence.

We consult on your processes to improve your outcomes.

  • Optimization
    After we do research and analysis for your small business, we may identify areas in your processes that need improvement. Using our data as the foundation for the recommendations we make, we help you optimize your processes in order to maximize benefits to your customers.
  • Documentation
    A process is only effective if it is consistently executed. KAG helps you iron out the steps in your process and document it clearly, so your process is handled consistently across your staff, including those you hire down the road.