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Planning for National Opioid Settlement Funds

Planning for National Opioid Settlement Funds

Navigating the Unknown

As the use of opioids deepens in communities across the US, recent funding from the National Opioid Settlement presents opportunities to prevent, treat, and reduce opioid use disorders and the misuse of opioids. The first step to accessing opioid settlement funds is identifying community needs and creating a plan to address them using evidence based practices. This can be a challenge for agencies that do not have the experience or capacity to conduct an effective needs assessment. With a team of program evaluators and data experts, Knowledge Advisory Group can provide the support you need at every step, from creating a plan and implementing services to demonstrating the impact of your plan down the road.

Phase 1: Needs Assessment

Our team can provide the expertise for collecting a blend of quantitative and qualitative data to guide opioid planning. We can lead the process with a review of published community data, interviews, surveys, focus groups, problem-focused facilitation, and more – providing the information you need to design impactful programs that will address service gaps for populations disparately impacted by opioid misuse.

Phase 2: Turning Ideas into Action

Once community needs are identified, it’s time for Phase 2—program design and implementation. Our coaching and support services ensure a seamless transition as you focus on creating and delivering evidence-informed programs to address opioid use disorders and misuse. This phase may include research on model programs, program development, implementation tracking, and outcome evaluation activities.

Putting Our Powers to Work

Teaming Up for Bigger & Better Impact

KAG understands the importance of collaboration and leveraging collective expertise. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Carter Foundation, a women and minority-owned consulting firm specializing in community health data analysis and program evaluation. By working together, our team offers specialized insights and unparalleled support in strategic planning, data analysis, program evaluation, and needs assessment. Using our backgrounds in real-world research and extensive experience in government, nonprofit, and healthcare sectors, we empower agencies to address the complex challenges ahead and, in doing so, drive the change possible with opioid abatement funding. 

Trina B. Willard

Founder & Principal, KAG

Sandra Wright, Ph.D.

Outcomes Strategist & VP of Customer Wow, KAG

Sherrina Gibson

Founder, Carter Foundation

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