Customer Surveys Part 1: Quantitative vs. Qualitative

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When creating survey questions, it’s important to consider the value of both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

While quantitative questions generally elicit answers in terms of numbers, frequencies, percentages, or other types of calculations, qualitative questions are descriptive and typically assess attitudes or opinions.

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Quantitative questions are helpful in gathering specific supporting data or evidence to address questions of frequency or magnitude, to justify recommendations, and to create summary reports.

An example of a quantitative question is as follows:

“How many times have you interacted with the ACME Window Company?”

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Qualitative questions can provide rich insights into what customers want, as well as what they see as positive or negative about their experiences with your company.  These questions are open-ended and gather data in a narrative format, which can often be useful in providing interpretative context.

For example, a qualitative question might ask:

“Please describe your last experience being served by the ACME Window Company?

There’s no hard and fast rule for creating customer surveys. but a balanced blend of qualitative and quantitative questions can allow you to obtain an optimal variety of useful information.

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