Customer Surveys Part 4: Question Complexity

Structuring questions appropriately is critical to collecting meaningful, interpretable information from customer surveys. In this last post of our blog series on creating effective customer feedback surveys, we will focus on tailoring the complexity of your survey questions.


The following questions demonstrate how alternative question wordings can allow you to target in on the specific information you want to gather.


How many times have you shopped in the Union Town Square during the past six months?


During the past six months, how many times have you shopped at the OhMySoap! store located at the Union Town Square?


Please think about any shopping visits that you made to the Union Town Square from June 1, 2013 through Dec. 1, 2013. During those visits, how many times did you purchase bath products at the OhMySoap! store?


The structure and wording for the last question is more complex that the others, but it creates a very focused request to the respondent, increasing the likelihood of obtaining truly useful information. As the structure of the questions changes to enhance clarity, you will be more likely to obtain specific, actionable information.


Are you asking customers to complete a survey in the near future? If so, will you be implementing any of our tips? We want to hear your stories!