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Evaluation Quickstart

Evaluation Quickstart

The Evaluation QuickStart Program

Is it difficult to focus on evaluation while juggling other pressing responsibilities?

Does your team lack the experience to identify the most appropriate outcomes for your program?

Do you need help creating a data collection strategy?

If you need assistance in any of these areas, let Knowledge Advisory Group provide you with a cost-effective evaluation strategy through our Evaluation QuickStart program to capture key program outcomes in three simple steps.

What the Evaluation Quickstart program provides

Step 1: Suitability Assessment

A brief meeting to determine viability of strategic program evaluation.

Step 2: Strategic Concepting

An in-depth half-day meeting with key members of your staff to create a program logic model and a simple, but meaningful evaluation strategy.

Step 3: Follow Through

A comprehensive follow-up call to discuss implementation strategies, resolve additional questions, and lay out future steps.

To learn more about Evaluation QuickStart, or to determine if this is the right service for you, schedule time to talk with one of our program evaluation experts.