More Great Online Resources – March Web Tools

This month, we want to highlight some of the great online resources available to those in the nonprofit sector. These tools and sites offer free and low-cost options for bringing your nonprofit into the online world.

1. Impact Rising
This site is designed to help support social sector organizations and consultants by giving them access to the resources to engage in capacity-building projects. Here you’ll find things like organizational assessment tools, strategic planning resources & tools and fund development information.

It also seeks to make the norms and standards of the consulting industry explicit, so that social sector organizations know what to expect when partnering with a consulting organization.
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2. Shoeboxed
This neat website allows paperwork to become paperless, streamlining your filing systems. With Shoeboxed, all your documents are scanned, categorized, and organized before they go into your online account, where you have access to them without shuffling through a filing cabinet.

All you do is sign up and send your documents in a Shoeboxed prepaid envelope, through their free uploaders, via email, or their free mobile app. They can even handle your important financial information – with IRS accepted receipt images – so that it’s ready to export to accounting or bookkeeping applications.
For more information, visit

3. TechSoup
TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on connecting social sector organizations with technology products and solutions. They also offer the learning resources needed to make informed decisions about technology. When an organization is registered with TechSoup, they can also access donated and discounted products and services such as high-quality refurbished hardware and software.
You can learn about joining TechSoup at