More Great Online Resources – Measurement & Surveys

If you’re seeking great online resources, we’re here to help! Today, we’re highlighting Logic Depot, SurveyMonkey, TwtPoll, TwitSprout, and Statigram. These tools focus on measurement and surveys for your organization.

1. Logic Depot was developed locally, in Richmond, Virginia, and focuses primarily on providing clients with a set of self-service survey tools. The web-based software is free to organizations that collect fewer than 2,500 surveys a month and it has great functionality.  Logic Depot also offers project consulting, survey coding services, and custom integration. If you’re interested in learning more, let us know and I’ll connect to our friend Scott who can get you started!

2. is an easy-to-use, free online resource that allows anyone to make and administer surveys. You can use this tool to measure anything from participant feedback to program performance.

3. is similar to SurveyMonkey in that it enables you to create polls. You can share these polls on Twitter or other social networks. TwtPoll also allows you to see statistics related to your survey, such as when people voted or where they voted from.

4. If your organization is active on Twitter, then is a great, colorful way to track growth and activity on this social media network. TwitSprout makes it easy to convert your data into a shareable PDF format. It’s currently in a beta-testing mode, but it’s also offering free fifteen-day trials, as well as free and inexpensive options to track your activity.

5. Iconosquare is essentially the TwitSprout of Instagram. You can track Instagram statistics with Iconosquare, and the tool provides a variety of engagement data about your organization’s photos, likes, and follower growth. It also helps you discover the best and worst times to post on Instagram in order to help increase engagement.

What do you think of these measurement tools?