It’s a Big World Out There

Recently, I traveled for the first time to Canada. I’ve been out of the country before, but I’m not a frequent international traveler. On this particular trip, I was on my own and therefore freed of certain worries, such as where I’d stashed my son’s passport or my husband’s growling stomach as I zoomed through Concourse B of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport to catch a connecting flight. So, I was able to take a little time during this journey to notice all the small details that air travel entails.

In an era of advanced technology and terrorism, the demands for service and safety for air transit are at their highest peak and I have to admit that I was stunned to really take in everything that’s involved in the process. E-tickets, boarding passes, baggage claim vouchers, customs cards, security procedures, passport checks, carryon requirements…the list goes on and on. As a society, we sometimes feed the complaint engine about the steps that don’t go smoothly instead of recognizing just how many things actually happen just as we’ve planned.

But isn’t the whole thing incredible, if you really step back and think about it for a minute? I flew through the air at some outrageously quick speed, making a trip that would have taken three times as long by land. I was relatively comfortable on the flight. I arrived without experiencing any concerns for my safety, and my belongings arrived by my side as well.

It’s sometimes easy to forget how amazing life can be. The internet allows us to get a message to someone halfway around the world within seconds. We can be in contact with friends and family with ease whether we’re in the car, on a ship or in the sky. I was even able to talk to and see my son via iPod when he was injured during my time away.

I encourage you to take a moment each day to show gratitude for one of life’s amazing opportunities. And perhaps for the fact that tomorrow, there will be even more from which to choose.