We are proud to be SWAM certified!

Knowledge Advisory Grou is SWAM certifiedKnowledge Advisory Group holds the SWAM (Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business) certification of Virginia.  We embrace this classification as we continue to serve our clients with a wide variety of superior consulting and business services.

How does working with a SWAM certified organization benefit you?

Tax Incentives

Companies committed to conducting business operations with SWAM certified companies acquire the benefits of federal and state tax incentives.  These advantages may vary on the state level, but are offered to encourage commercial establishments to support the growth of diverse suppliers on a local and national level.


Best Practices

Working with SWAM organizations helps your business to achieve progressive concepts and practices.  The contractors you choose directly affect your ability to promote diversity and remain forward-thinking in our economy. Maintaining a SWAM partnership helps your business to understand a wide variety of clientele with an assortment of social/cultural backgrounds and ideas.


Rapid Growth

Leading corporations in America are spending billions of dollars utilizing companies who hold SWAM and other diverse classifications, proving these companies are growing and remain sustained nationally. With this growth, SWAM organizations hold advancement opportunities and purchasing power, while playing a key role in the health of our developing economy.


Knowledge Advisory Group is pleased to be a SWAM certified organization of Virginia and is eager to help your business reach its top potential.