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Measuring the Impact of Your Organization: Why Do It?

In recent years, nonprofit organizations have been encouraged to embrace a new mindset. This groundswell of change invokes terms such as “performance outcomes” and “results measurement,” but focuses on one primary concept: accountability. As funding becomes increasingly competitive, the demands of foundations, government agencies, and benefactors have

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Don’t Be Confused, Be Informed!

Don't Be Confused, Be Informed!

I often hear nonprofit and government employees become frustrated with the “language” of evaluation.  On occasion, I’ve even seen a promising evaluation effort go off the rails because the terminology was confusing. What’s an input? …An output? …An outcome?   If you’ve been seeking definitions that can

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Set Your Destination for Eval Central

Just this week, I discovered a fantastic new resource for program evaluators, or anyone else who geeks out on real-world research like me.  Eval Central is the place “Where Evaluation Blogs Intersect”, including great contributors such as the American Evaluation Association, EvalThoughts, and Evaluation Unsanctioned, as well

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Program Evaluation: A Breakdown

When people think of program evaluation, they often visualize undesirable symbols of judgment – things like grades, scores, and the SATs. However, evaluation doesn’t need to feel negative. New approaches in evaluation have begun to facilitate positive responses and potentially powerful effects on programs. Determining exactly what is

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